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Cambridge Jewish Wedding

cambridge jewish wedding

I met these amazing families through an introduction by the Innkeeper at The Inn at Hastings Park who is close friends with the bride’s family. On the day of their Royal Sonesta Cambridge wedding the Innkeeper was in attendance, and I asked her throughout the day, “Are these people for real?!”

Jen and Jesse, and both of their parents, and their siblings, and their grandparents, and all the people who surrounded them on their wedding day were so present, so affectionate, so open, so fun, and living their Jewish tradition so joyfully that it seemed too good to be true. But, it is true. I feel honored to have been chosen to capture all the personalities, relationships, rituals, and the pure merriment of the day.

Everyone who attended was treated as a VIP and part of the family. Jen’s dad even grabbed me for a spin around the dance floor! See the blurry photo (at the end of this post) that I took mid spin!

I love the photo of Jesse lifting his bride’s veil during the bedeken (see below). It was both an intimate gesture between bride and groom, and a community ritual with parents and friends looking on joyfully—that moment encapsulates the day well. Also, I always love capturing dozens of huge grins in one shot!

I don’t usually include detail shots in a blog post like this, but I love the close up of the kiddish cup during the ceremony because both Jen and Jesse deeply honor Jewish ritual. Likewise, I love the photo of Jen circling her groom—the hakafot— at the beginning of the ceremony. She’s participating in a very old ritual and taking in the whole scene around her. Then, there is the dance party… I’ll let you see the fun for yourself. 🙂

Happy Anniversary Jen & Jesse!

• • •

Enjoy this slideshow of moments, or scroll down to relive the day.

Cambridge Jewish Wedding from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

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Thank you to the Royal Sonesta for hosting such an amazing night!

See more images from Jen & Jesse’s day on their Facebook Gallery >>>

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Just one more shot and story to share:

I wedged myself in tight during a circle when everyone was showing off their moves—I didn’t want to miss anything. The bride’s dad spotted me, reached his arms out in invitation and spun me around in the center. I lifted my camera high in a Hail Mary to take whatever shot I could get—it was a big blur of smiles, and brings a big smile to my face remember the moment.


Naturally, Jen’s dad and I bonded and I was touched when he posted this appreciative comment on Facebook: Maureen Cotton is professional, invisible, and part of the celebration all at the same time. Creative, artistic… fun… she captured each of the special moments! Our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding pictures surpassed our wildest imagination! For Maureen, it’s not just a job… it’s a calling!

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