Backyard Beach Wedding

Backyard Beach Wedding, Marblehead, MA


Although it was a second marriage for both of them, Fariba and Robert’s backyard beach wedding in Marblehead (on the North Shore of MA) had the exuberant romance of young love! From the first moment I met them, I was swept up in their passion for life. Their wedding day was about enjoying each other, family and friends, the ocean, and of course live music and dancing! It started to drizzle at the end of the ceremony but they laughed their way through it, and then the skies cleared for an incredible evening.

This Forth of July I am remembering how it call came together just right. Here’s to a sunny oceanside anniversary!

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Enjoy this slideshow of moments, or scroll down to relive the day.

Backyard beach wedding in Marblehead from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

 backyard_beach_wedding02 backyard_beach_wedding03 backyard_beach_wedding04 backyard_beach_wedding05 backyard_beach_wedding06 backyard_beach_wedding07 backyard_beach_wedding08 backyard_beach_wedding09 backyard_beach_wedding10 backyard_beach_wedding11 backyard_beach_wedding12 backyard_beach_wedding13 backyard_beach_wedding14 backyard_beach_wedding15 backyard_beach_wedding16 backyard_beach_wedding17 backyard_beach_wedding18 backyard_beach_wedding19 backyard_beach_wedding20 backyard_beach_wedding21 backyard_beach_wedding22 backyard_beach_wedding23 backyard_beach_wedding24

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