Favorite wedding photos {Boston candid & creative wedding photographer}

favorite creative wedding photos

The bride’s, groom’s, and photographer’s favorite photo from the wedding!

This top photo is Ashley’s favorite from her wedding and here’s why:

“It represents our whole community coming together for us and when I first saw it after the wedding it took my breath away. It was a moment that fully captured the feeling of being in that space with everyone together.”

Her groom agrees with his love of this photo but also adds another:

“Seeing our first dance with the bestest onlookers, I can hear Nana’s band playing when I see this. I also really love the photo of us jumping, it’s so fun and triumphant!”

The first photo on my website is of Ashley and PJ so I thought I should share why I love it so much. My favorite “posed” photos are always a co-creation between the couple and myself.

Something unique about Ashley & PJ’s wedding was that although they had their favorite people around them they did not have a formal bridal party. They invited their posse to be in their own clothes and I wanted to capture that; everyone doing their own thing but part of this dynamic ground centered around the couple. I knew Ashley, PJ, and their friends would be up for anything (not all groups of adults will be willing to run around in circles in the grass!) so I offered up the idea.

It turned out to be a blast and everyone said it felt like playing Red Rover. When I see this photo I see not only the mix of stillness vs motion, and everyone’s individuality moving together, but I also remember the breathless smiles and laughter after everyone ran in circles and into each other. Such openness and joy!

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Introducing my Organizational Goddess, aka Studio Manager {Boston creative & candid photographer}

Maureen Cotton Photography's new business manager

Meet Nicola (say “NICK-O-LA”), Maureen Cotton Photography’s new studio manager

Business is booming here at Maureen Cotton Photography; it’s time to grow so I can spend more time refining my photography and discovering new ways to help you enjoy your photos, now and decades into the future.

I also want to do more family and maternity/baby portraits in 2014 and beyond, which I can only do with some behind the scenes help.

This year I’m taking a quantum leap forward by bringing the talented Nicola Richard onto my team. Some of you who got married in 2012 and 2013 will remember her as the cheerful woman who straightened your veil, tie, or hair, as she has been my wedding day assistant for 2 years.

It turns out that she is endlessly talented so she’ll now be refining my editing process and keeping me (and you!) on track. Everything from helping you prep for shoots to reminding you of your album options, and running our forthcoming photo booth set up—oh yes 2014 is going to be incredible!

Thank you Nicola for bringing your talent, hard work and big heart to Maureen Cotton Photography!

Fun facts I’ve learned about Nicola:

Nicola is a world-championship ballroom dancer and co-founded a dance studio in Framingham.

She loves kitties, cruises, and the beach.

She studied photography at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

She’s always on time.

Her laugh is adorable.

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Maureen’s philosophy: weddings are about community {Boston candid & creative wedding photographer}

Weddings are about community from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

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Maureen on natural smiles :) {Boston candid & creative wedding photographer}

Maureen on smiles :) from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

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The story of my first wedding {Boston candid & creative wedding photographer}

I'm so invested in my work that I sometimes worry I sound like I'm taking myself too seriously because I take my work seriously. So Georg of Drawn Stories helped me tell the story of my first wedding in cartoon form! (PS more cartoons on the way, so stay tuned!).

My First Wedding from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

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Mallory & Andrew at Inn at the Round Barn *photo slideshow* {Vermont candid & creative wedding photographer}

It's impossible to speak of the sweetness, quirkiness and fun that filled this amazing wedding day. But luckily I took pictures so I don't have to describe it in words. :)

Mallory & Andrew's wedding at Inn at the Round Barn, Waitsfield, Vermont from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

>> See a full gallery of Mallory & Andrew's photos on Facebook!

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Behind the scenes {Candid and creative Boston wedding photographer}

A lot of effort goes into the effortless and natural look of my wedding photography. I take a lot of time to get to know my clients and my locations so everything comes together just right in the moment.

Thank you to Emily & Jon for letting Joe tag along on their wedding day to capture some behind the scenes footage. Please see below what Emily & Jon said about their wedding photography!

**Scroll down or jump to the post of Emily & Jon's slideshow to see more of their wedding photos!**

Maureen in action on a wedding day from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.


Thank you Joe Heck for your vision and professionalism, such a great perspective on the day—literally and figuratively!

Emily & Jon's WeddingWire review:

"Maureen is just amazing! Our photos are so gorgeous, creative and fun. Just what we wanted them to be! From our first inquiry as to whether she was available on our wedding date it was clear that working with Maureen was going to be an enjoyable experience. She's professional, responds quickly, answered any questions we might have had before we even had them, and then if questions did come up she was quick to answer those too!

We had an engagement session with Maureen, which was a fun way for us to all get to know each other and, especially for my husband, to become a little more comfortable with so much photographic attention!

Our wedding party, as well as our parents, all commented on how fantastic Maureen was to work with, and this was before we even received the photos! Which, again, are gorgeous. Maureen had quick turn around on all our photos, and kept us in the loops with some standout sneak peaks as she edited.

Our formal photos are creative and sweet and fun, and Maureen captured so many perfect candid moments throughout the day and night, often without us really even aware that she was nearby and shooting away! Working with Maureen was easy, worry free, and fun! Just as it should be!"


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Laura & Matt’s sweet summer Cape Cod farm wedding *photo slideshow* {candid & creative Boston, Cape Cod wedding photographer}

>> See more of Laura & Matt's photos on Facebook!

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Elisa & Christine at the Codman Estate *photo slideshow* {candid & creative Boston wedding photographer}

Elisa & Christine’s wedding was like no other wedding I’ve seen. It was a gorgeous August day and all was well in the Italian garden of the Codman Estate, and then just as the first bride began to walk down the aisle it began to rain. Everyone begins to look at one another—will the ceremony be delayed? Moved inside? I look at my assistant in the distance and with a small gesture she knows to get the umbrella from my car and in an instant she’s sheltered me. The procession continues even as the aisle starts to get muddy. It’s all giggles and smiles. 

During parts of the ceremony there was thunder and lightning and folks often laughed as it seemed to emphasize a point about life and love and their relationship. And then, as they processed it was sunny again. Time to celebrate! Oh, and I organized all 150 guests in a photo!

If ever a couple proved they are in it for better or worse, rain or shine, Elisa & Christine are that couple, and they had a blast during their entire wedding. 

>> See more of Elisa & Christine's photos on Facebook!

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Alix & Shawn at Camp Glenbrook, NH *photo slideshow* {candid & creative New Hampshire wedding photographer}

Alix & Shawn's big day had endless personal and unique touches to create a cozy love-filled atmosphere. If you want to see all the cute details–canned treats as favors, custom s'more packs, flowers arrangements by Alix's mom, and a camp 'yearbook' in lieu of a wedding program–then you can check out their Facebook album. My slideshow focuses on their adorable smiles, loving glances, and family excitement. They have been together for 10 years since working side by side as teenagers at an ice cream stand in their hometown—hence the ice cream sundaes instead of cake!


>> See more of Elisa & Christine's photos on Facebook!

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