Boston Common Family Photography: Baby’s First Year

Boston Common family photography

I first met Farrah & Clayton when they were engaged, and wanted to have fun during their engagement shoot! They chose the beautiful surroundings and thought-provoking sculptures of the DeCordova Sculpture Park as the place to let their affection and quirkiness shine. They talked about the first time they met and how they connected quickly with their shared loves of travel, art, and new experiences…


Years later, as parents they have not lost their worldliness and curiosity—they have already brought their young son to Malaysia and elsewhere in the world. I love the photo (below) of them reading the children’s book A Walk in Paris to their baby. For me, I see how they are both dedicated parents and still sophisticated adventurers. More importantly, they truly cherish their time together as a family.

I was thrilled when they decided to go with my Baby’s First Year package that brought me into their home three times after there son was born, and finally on a playful morning in the Boston Common. I got to see their little guy grow: wearing his first Halloween costume (rawwr!), learning to crawl, forming a relationship with their dog, and finally becoming a bit mischievous.

It’s all fleeting, so I have a huge grin on my face as I prepare to hand over the gorgeous heirloom album that weaves together the best moments of a year of family photography. Not only will they relive these precious phases that have now passed, but even better: someday they will give the album to their son. Someday he will reflect on his childhood and get to say, “Wow, what young and fun parents… I remember my first little dog… look how much I was loved… Who made me that ridiculous turkey hat?”

Farrah and Clayton, may I suggest grabbing a few fresh tissues when you see a big package from me arrive at your door this week?

In the meantime, here’s a special peek!

Get a page-by-page look in this video, or scroll down for some highlights!

Boston family photographer – Baby’s First Year from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.



boston_baby_photographer_28 boston_baby_photographer_29

boston common family_photography

boston common family photography

The albums come together from a Baby’s First Year package. See how the magic happens…

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Harrington Farm Spring Wedding

Harrington Farm Spring Wedding

Amy and Paulo’s relationship defines sweetness. Their Harrington Farm Spring wedding was a big bustling day full of laughing, dancing, and cheer, but time and time again I’d catch them looking at each other, or snuggling close, as if they were alone…

The gray sky created a romantic calm for their outdoor ceremony. The grounds were slow to bloom because it was after the winter of snowpocalypse in Massachusetts, but that’s no matter—their love warmed the whole day.

View their slideshow, or keep scrolling to enjoy the day!

Harrington Farm Wedding – Amy & Paulo! from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

harrington_farm_spring_wedding_01harrington_farm_spring_wedding_02 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_03 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_04 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_05 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_06 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_07 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_08 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_09 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_10 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_11 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_12harrington_farm_spring_wedding_13 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_14 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_15 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_16 harrington_farm_spring_wedding_17 harrington farm spring wedding

Thank you Harrington Farm for hosting such a magical evening!

See more images from Amy & Paulo’s Facebook Gallery >>>

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FEATURED: Maureen Cotton Photography on the Huffington Post – Fun wedding party

Fun Farmington Gardens CT wedding

I was thrilled when the Huffington Post chose to feature this fun wedding party! Melissa and Joe are such loving people; it was impossible to choose just a few friends to stand next to them at their wedding ceremony.

With such a big, fun, ready-for-anything crowd I knew we had the chance to do something different. Thanks for Joe and Melissa for trusting me and their friends!

fun wedding party : Maureen Cotton Photography

They were married at a church in Farmington CT. Their reception was at Farmington Gardens: a gorgeous converted barn and greenhouse. We stopped at a private garden to capture all the family and wedding party portraits.

See more more of their Farmington Gardens wedding on the Maureen Cotton Photography Facebook page>>

Check out the full HuffPo article: 22 Fun Photo Ideas That Put The ‘Party’ In Wedding Party>>

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Real family photography — Documentary at-home family photo session in Boston {Boston family photography}

Natural, documentary, at-home family photography

05_family_reading_playing_homeThis photo was featured in a heartfelt blog post I wrote last year about why real family photography means so much to me. It’s high time that I blog about this natural documentary style family photo session itself! These moms opened up their home and hearts to me—100% pure joy and chaos of raising toddler twins, a newborn, and furry family members!

It was a Boston winter so we captured everything in their natural environments—living room and playroom, as well as everyone piled on the bed!

01_family_home_playing_newborn 02_balckandwhite_siblings_newborn_love_touching 03_girl_playing_smiles_laughter 04_newborn_crying_love  06_family_hugs_newborn_love 07_sisters_family_cuddles 08_cat_child_home 09_family_bed_love_memories 10_family_love_newborn_blackandwhite 11_family_love_happiness_laughter 12_mother_baby_moment_love

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Baby’s First Year album {Boston family photographer}

Boston family photographer

I’m in love with this Baby’s First Year album I created after four authentic family photoshoots. From newborn to crawling and standing, here is a story-telling baby book like no other.

After food, shelter, and water, family photographs are the most important tangible things in our lives. What else can be transport us through time? But, in 2015, family photos often aren’t *things* at all, and many families are at risk of losing their memories, their treasures, their time machines.

When this little man is an adult man he will be able to hold this album and know, realize, remember how deeply loved he was from the beginning. So I put the care of a lifetime into each book.

You can see Danny’s First Year on my Family Photography site.>>

dahl_album_03 dahl_album_04 dahl_album_05 dahl_album_06 dahl_album_07 dahl_album_08 dahl_album_09 dahl_album_10

See the full Baby’s First Year album design.>>

Curious about album quality and options? Check out album sizes and album cover materials.

P.S. Baby’s First Year is a blast for everyone…

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Camp Kiwanne Wedding! {LGBT wedding photographer}

Camp Kiwanne Wedding in Hanson, MA

This Camp Kiwanne wedding was a lovefest I’ll never forget! Camp Kiwanne’s lake and dining hall were a gorgeous rustic backdrop to the glamour and fun of this wedding day. But way more important is that Barbara and Casey are two people who live with their hearts wide open, so the fresh air, blue water and sky reflected their vibrancy back to them for an incredible day! Oh, and the toasts and dance party were awesome!

If you follow my Facebook page you might recognize these emotive expressions from the Huffington Post last week (for the post “18 Times Wedding Photographers Knew They’d Captured Something Amazing!”). I was asked to submit a favorite photo and a little bit about why!

Favorite same sex LGBT wedding photo

There’s must more to see from their day; enjoy the slideshow, or keep scrolling!

Camp Kiwanee Wedding {Same-sex summer camp wedding!} from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

Camp Kiwanne Wedding, Maureen Cotton Photography 02_camp_kiwanne_getting_ready  04_camp_kiwanne_spring_wedding_water_front_view 05_camp_kiwanne_samesex_wedding_ceremony 06_camp_kiwanne_bride_wedding_vows 07_camp_kiwanne_lesbian_wedding_ceremony 08_camp_kiwanne_spring_lesbian_wedding_party 09_camp_kiwanne_outdoor_spring_lesbian_wedding 10_camp_kiwanne_spring_lesbian_wedding 11_camp_kiwanne_lesbian_wedding_first_dance 12_camp_kiwanne_wedding_toasts_pink_details 13_camp_kiwanne_wedding_toasts 14_camp_kiwanne_wedding_candid 15_camp_kiwanne_wedding_candid 16_camp_kiwanne_spring_wedding_waterfront_viewcamp kiwanee same sex wedding summer camp wedding dance party 19_camp_kiwanne_samesex_wedding_dancingThank you to Camp Kiwanne in Hanson, MA for hosting!

You can see more images from their wedding on their Facebook Gallery!

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Sunset family photos on the beach! {North Shore natural family photographer}

City dwellers escape for an evening of North Shore family photo magic. That is all.

08_family_park_playing_silly 09_black&white_boy_sand_playing 10_girl_beach_sunset north_shore_family_photography
See more Real Family Photography on my portfolio website! >>

Get in touch to find a time for your family to play with me!

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Charles River Museum Autumn Wedding! {New England industrial wedding venue}

Wedding at the Charles River Museum of Industry!

UPDATE! The couple’s adorable initial Scrabble tiles are featured wedding inspiration on the Huffington Post!


Jess & Robbie were married on a gorgeous fall day at the one and only Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, MA. While the Scrabble Board Game details, the decor, the colorful leaves, and the architecture of the museum were all beautiful and unique, the best part of the day was all the hugs and laughter (and dancing)!

Enjoy the laughter with this short slideshow, or keep scrolling!

Charles River Museum Wedding from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

01_charles_river_museum_fall_wedding_couple 02_charles_river_museum_wedding_bride_getting_ready 03_charles_river_museum_fall_wedding_party_bride 04_charles_river_museum_wedding_happy_couple 05_charles_river_museum_wedding_couple_scrabble_letters 06_charles_river_museum_wedding_couple_newlyweds 07_charles_river_museum_wedding_ceremony 08_charles_river_museum_wedding_vows 09_charles_river_museum_wedding_hug 10_charles_river_museum_fall_leaves_wedding  12_charles_river_museum_emotional_candid_wedding_toasts 13_charles_river_museum_wedding_candid 14_charles_river_museum_first_dance_wedding 15_charles_river_museum_wedding 16_charles_river_museum_dance_floor 17_charles_river_museum_fun_dance_floor 18_charles_river_museum_wedding_first_dance

Ceremony & reception venue:  The Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, MA

Catering: Above and Beyond (click the Facebook link below to see the incredible buffet!)

If you want to see more of Jess & Robbie’s wedding, check out their Facebook Gallery >>

Check out more authentic, natural & documentary wedding photography by Maureen Cotton >>

By the way—Robbie does amazing work in the world with social justice and non-profit consulting:

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Natural Maternity Session at Home {Boston Maternity Photographer}

As a busy family photographer herself, Jess almost thought she didn’t have time for a maternity session! Days after a new job and a new house we took just 30 minutes to pause and savor this special time. We not only captured Jess pregnant, but the affection her husband has for her, the feeling of their new home in Boston, and their wonderful animals! The baby came in no time, so thank goodness we did!

Maternity Session, Maureen Cotton Photography02_maternity_love_couple_home


01_couple_maternity_shoot_family_home_happy  03_maternity_dog_cat_family_home 04_family_dog_happy

Jess and Mike had *just* moved that week. For the most part we looked for clear spots in the house for photos. But I insisted we take one in the moving mess, so they can look back and laugh about the chaos and joy that came all at once. 06_family_dog_home_maternity_shootEnjoy more family and maternity photos on my Real Family Photography website! >>

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Moraine Farm Fall Same-Sex Wedding! {Autumn New England farm wedding, same-sex wedding photographer}

Autumn New England farm wedding

Emily & Erin are simply wonderful people, and a fun, smart, kind, hilarious couple. Combine that with the gorgeous historic Moraine Farm in Beverly and a sunny September wedding afternoon and you’ve got an incredible day—see for yourself!

Check out some of my favorite images from the day!

Feel the joy by watching this short slideshow, or keep scrolling!

Fall same-sex wedding at Moraine Farm in Beverly {New England Farm fall wedding, LGBTQ wedding photographer} from Maureen Cotton Photography on Vimeo.

11_moraine_farm_kiss_samesex_wedding02_moraine_farm_outdoor_wedding 03_moraine_farm_emotional_first_look 04_moraine_farm_getting_ready_smiles 05_moraine_farm_father_of_the_bride 06_moraine_farm_wedding_father_daughter 07_moraine_farm_outdoor_fall_wedding 08_moraine_farm_lesbian_wedding_outdoors 09_moraine_farm_samesex_wedding 10_moraine_farm_lesbian_couple_wedding_sunset

01_moraine_farm_fall_lesbian_wedding  13_moraine_farm_fall_lesbian_wedding 14_moraine_farm_wedding_father_toasts 15_moraine_farm_fall_wedding_toasts 16_moraine_farm_fall_wedding_first_dance 17_moraine_farm_wedding_fun_dancing 18_moraine_farm_fall_wedding_candid 19_moraine_farm_father_daughter_dance 20_moraine_farm_fall_wedding_dancing 21_moraine_farm_lesbian_wedding_dance_floor

Same-sex wedding photographer Boston

Thank you to Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA for hosting the sunshine & grounds for this special day!

Catering by Fireside Catering.

Wedding band: Night Shift kept the party strong until the end!

Fabulous autumn florals by Meredith McCarthy Floral Design.

To check out the rest of Emily & Erin’s day, take a look at their Facebook Gallery!

Make sure to check out more authentic, candid & documentary wedding photography by Maureen Cotton!

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